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Welcome to USA800

USA800 was founded in 1976. Since then we have never closed our doors. In 1996 we became an employee owned company. We are the largest employee owned company within the United States. Being an employee owned company ensures that you have more of a stake in the results of your work. We handle many types of contact at USA800. While most advocates do voice, we also have advocates that service clients through email, chat, and data entry. Another aspect that sets USA800 apart is that all of our programs are developed in house. Some examples include, Contact Central, Winpop, and the USA800 Portal. All of these were developed, and are improved by our internal IT team.


We have three contact center locations. The first is in Raytown, Missouri. This is our corporate office. And is the top picture in the photographs. Typically they are open 6:00AM to 10:30 PM, but these hours may change during busy season. Busy season is September through February. The next call center location is St. Joseph Missouri. St. Joe is our biggest call center location and contains most of our agents. They are unique as they are our only call center that is open 24 hours a day. Our location in Halstead, Kansas is our final location. The only client they service is Child Support Services for the state of Kansas. This location is only open Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.